School Experience Festival is organized by Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience, within the National Cinema plan for schools (promoted by MIUR and MIBAC).

What is the School Experience Festival?

School Experience is an itinerant festival aimed at raising awareness and training students through the use of the cinematographic and audiovisual language. It includes four events throughout the country:

San Donà di Piave (VE) from 21 to 24 October 2019 – Primary Schools

Cittanova (RC) from 5 to 8 November 2019 – Secondary Schools

Nuoro (NU) from 19 to 22 November 2019 – Secondary Schools

Palermo (PA) from 10 to 13 December 2019 – Closing event with awards

Every leg will be dedicated to a school group: primary, secondary first and second. The final will take place in Palermo, for a great closing party.
The aim of the Festival is to offer an engaging experience, aimed at informing and training a non-specialist audience on the professions in the industry of film and on audiovisual productions. School Experience Festival is an extremely important project for the school Universe: all the "actors" involved will develop knowledge and skills in the film industry; increase their knowledge about cinema and the audiovisual productions; increase their skills in the use of technologies and on the means ​​of the cinematographic and audiovisual field; students and teachers will be actively involved, as jurors-viewers, with special meetings, workshops and in the creation of an audiovisual production, from the drafting of the subject and the screenplay to the editing.
School Experience Festival is the ideal platform to promote short films, commercials, short documentaries made by Italian schools, single students (up to twenty years old) and cultural organizations.
It is our way of saying thank you to all "the good teachers" who help children, teenagers and young adults on a daily basis encouraging them  to look at the world and to develop their skills of interpretation and to tell their stories through the use of images.

It is an opportunity to bring attention to the work that takes place in the classrooms, in the oratories, in the spaces that cultural organizations are able to wrest from the indifference of society, in the rooms where the youth lock themselves up, not only to take refuge but also to connect with the world.

It is the ideal place where youth have the opportunity  to develop a confrontation with their peers, to find out what school children in other cities have to say, to learn how to use the tools they have available,  and to discover how they live spend and value their time.

How does the School Experience Festival come about?

Since the beginning, the former Giffoni Film Festival, now  Giffoni Experience, has always shown great interest in what the world of School could produce. The "Review of films made by children and by Italian and foreign schools" dates back to 1978. In the last 10 years Giffoni has hosted the MyGiffoni section dedicated to schools. School Experience Festival is the latest evolution of this long process with the Your Experience sections.

School Experience is an opportunity to bring into play different skills: from the use of the mother tongue to digital skills, from non-verbal communication to social and civic competences, from the spirit of initiative to cultural awareness. The film must be written, interpreted, filmed, edited, and scored.

If the world of school is invited to pay more attention to flexibility, initiatives aimed at strengthening the educational offer, project activities, enhancing skills in musical practice and culture, art and history of art, cinema, techniques and in the media production and dissemination of images and sounds, Giffoni Experience is ready to be the best stage in Italy to promote the work of the best Italian schools.

WHICH ARE THE SECTIONS OF the School Experience Festival?


A section dedicated to features and shorts made by Italian and International filmmakers for children and young people.


Your Experience +3: A section dedicated to domestic productions that will actively involve children from 3 to 10 years old and made by Nursery and Primary Schools or by Cultural Organizations.


Your Experience +11: A section dedicated to domestic productions that will actively involve children from 11 to 13 years old and made by Secondary Schools, Cultural Organizations and individual videomakers.


Your Experience +14: A section dedicated to domestic productions that will actively involve children from 14 to 20 years old and made by Secondary Schools, Cultural Organizations and individual videomakers.


Every section will have a n award for the best production:

School Experience Festival Award. During the first 3 stages the audience will be invited to assign to each proposed film a vote from 1 to 10. The Prize, for each section, will be assigned to the film that will get the highest average score.

In addition to the festival trophy, schools will also receive educational material.


Films produced after January 1, 2017, made by professionals, associations or schools are eligible to participate in the Competition.
Feature films, short films (max 25 '), spots (max 1'), documentaries (max 25 ') can also be entered, the duration of which should include opening and closing credits.
Any recordings of school performances or music videos will not be accepted.


The registration is free online.

You can register from 12:00 pm March 1st 2019 to 6:00 pm  August 15th 2019.

In order to register a film you shall need the following:

  • To own all the rights for the use of the images of the youth involved on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks;

  • To upload the  film on YouTube or on Vimeo with a  password;

  • To go on and follow the instructions to upload all the necessary information, the film and register the film in the festival.


  • Go to, fill in the entry form where you will need to highlight the  Vimeo or youtube link to allow the committee to watch the film.

PLEASE NOTE: The shortfilms submitted shall not be considered as registered without the Entry Form  filled in correctly.

By September 2019, School Experience Festival will issue the list of selected films that will be screened during the festival.

PLEASE NOTE: No further communication will be sent to the unselected participants.


The schools / productions of the selected films will need to send the following:

  • By 10 September at a photograph of the film (jpeg, 300 dpi);

  • By 30 September the file of the film at

Will the winners be granted hospitality?

For the sections dedicated to the films produced by the schools, each of the schools / organizations / groups or individual winners will be invited to the award ceremony of Palermo with a delegation of 3 youth + a contact person.

Delegations from cities over 100 km away will receive from the festival:

- hospitality for 2 days and 2 nights

To delegations coming from cities located less than 100 km the festival will offer:

- lunch or dinner on the day of the award ceremony.

The directors of the winning films of the section dedicated to feature films and short films made by professionals will receive 2 days of hospitality at the award ceremony in Palermo.


Informativa privacy

The personal data of the participants in the competition will be processed in compliance with the Code regarding the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/2003) exclusively for purposes related to the School Experience Festival. At any time the participants can exercise the rights provided by the art. 7 of the aforementioned decree - namely to know which of the data supplied will be processed, to have them supplemented, modified, canceled or oppose to their use - by writing to

Responsabile Privacy ℅ Giffoni Experience, Cittadella del Cinema, Via Aldo Moro 4, 84095 Giffoni Valle Piana (Sa).


Please Note

By sending their work, the sender declares to be the holder of all the rights to use the work itself and that the contents thereof do not violate the laws in force and that the work does not contain defamatory content. In any case, the organization reserves the right to exclude from the competition works that have contents not suitable for the age indicated for each section or that violate the rules contained in this regulation. The admission request to the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of this regulation. The Festival Direction can take decisions relating to issues not covered by this regulation. The Court of Salerno shall be competent For any and all controversies.